Cover The Label

 Our Story: How It Started?

I started Cover The Label as a creative outlet to share my own health journey, expertise, favorite products and passions as an online resource for millennials and busy professionals, who wanted an approachable way to live a healthier life. I love combining the practice of healthy living with the science of nutrition, which has helped me discover the umbrella of health. Our physical, mental and emotional health is a combination of our daily practices and actions we take to create the life we want. Nutrition in itself, is a daily practice and just takes time. It's not about perfection but rather learning what works for you. Each of us are on our own health journeys and no two will look alike. 

As a registered dietitian my love of food has evolved from obsessing about the numbers on food labels, as well as the scale, to shifting my mindset to examine where our food comes from and the ingredients. Turning to foods with quality ingredients helped heal my relationship with food and transformed my health. After working for farmers market companies I saw first hand how important it is to support farmers, ranchers and our communities, for the health of ourselves and the planet. This idea started out as just a food blog but soon after I realized people wanted simple nutrition with quality foods that made them feel their best. So how could I make health and nutrition more accessible to our communities? That’s how Cover The Label was born!


Cover the Label makes healthy living approachable, by showcasing nourishing recipes and conscious living practices, along with our curated shop featuring high quality goods with real ingredients. Shop is coming soon in 2023!!

About Us

We are a health and wellness lifestyle, which emphasizes quality and nutrient dense foods to make you feel better by listening to your body and finding food confidence. We set out to understand where our food comes from and bring the highest quality products into your homes from companies we trust. We believe ingredient sourcing is extremely important not just for our bodies but for our community and for our planet! As we need fewer ingredients to make simple dishes stand out, by just being nutritious and delicious using quality, conscious brands.

Our Vision

We will make health simple and achievable by partnering with conscious brands focusing on quality first. You’ll find sustainable and functional goods from small businesses and like-minded brands trying to do things a bit differently. That's why we run Cover The Label with a commitment to curate high quality products with real ingredients, as we’ve verified every step of the process. Every product has been tested by us and has our Cover the Label stamp of approval. We are committed to sourcing from small businesses and we buy as close to retail as possible. Behind each of our products is a person who created it, along with their story.

Knowledge is power, as you, the consumer can make intuitive decisions to support these businesses. We hope our content will inspire new daily rituals, conscious living, and create small shifts that will make a huge impact in your health practices. 

Our Values

  • High quality products with real ingredients, not just relying on labels
  • Curating unique products from local businesses
  • Simple, nourishing recipes that can transform your health
  • Evidence-based nutrition and conscious living practices
  • Discover Food Confidence, Eat Intuitively and Feel Better
  • Affordable High Quality Products
  • Empowering the Community
  • Creating Environmental Awareness