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Discover on our blog nutrition, recipes, benefits of foods, nutrition myths, conscious living habits, products and so much more, with a mix of evidence and opinion based articles focusing on nourishing our body and mind. Nutrition is not black and white but rather grey, as we’re learning it’s ever evolving! That means to live our best life research is constantly shifting to discover what foods and lifestyle choices affect our bodies. Food is nourishment but we also must look at other aspects of our life such as, mental, physical and emotional health. The good news, we can’t live without food and food should taste good, while making us feel good inside and out! 

Our food philosophy is about creating a healthy relationship with food by choosing high quality, nutrient dense options. We are all on unique health journeys and defining your healthy relationship will look different for everyone. It’s about making approachable and sustainable lifestyle changes for the long term, rather than a quick diet. You’ll find no diets here as we’re learning to nourish our bodies physically and mentally. 

Disclaimer: These blogs and recipes are written by a registered dietitian; however, these are intended to be thought provoking not medical advice. A well-balanced diet focuses on whole real foods and will be unique to each individual. Please consult your medical professional for any personalized medical advice or recommendations based on recipes and food options. 

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At Cover The Label we are excited to work with partners and sponsors, who are like minded brands that align with our mission and values. We are very particular in the brands we work with. All sponsored content is meant to educate and share ideas to make healthy living approachable by showcasing products or services we include in our routine. Cover The Label has full control over all content and opinions shared that is sponsored and are in line with disclaimers that follow FTC policies. Our opinion is super important to our values, so there is no need to worry as we’ll share all feedback and you’ll see a disclaimer when any product or service is sponsored! 

Affiliate Content 

We will always disclose our affiliate relationships and the products we use. We source products that are aligned with our mission and core values by focusing on quality first. These items have been tested and have received our Cover The Label Stamp of approval. Our dietitian uses these products daily in her healthy living practices. 

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