Simple Cheesy Taco Skillet

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday!? I mean, I love any type of Mexican Food any day of the week. But sometimes I just want a one pot meal, with little mess, which makes leftovers for the week. If you're not in the mood for tacos, try this Cheesy Taco Skillet.

You’ll never get bored of this meal as you can make it different every week. Plus, it’s always a total hit, even if you're not a taco lover. The customizations are endless! Make this fit into your dietary pattern by making it low-carb, keto, paleo friendly and even vegan.

This recipe is the perfect finger food or dip chips into this cast iron skillet for a family meal. Plus, it’s covered in toppings with gooey cheese but can use dairy free-cheese or yogurt to fit your needs. We’ve made it plant-based and meat heavy; however, you really can’t go wrong! It's packed full of quality protein, a variety of veggies, carbs and fiber! The best part, it comes together in 30 minutes for a satisfying, balanced weekday meal. You may even have all these items in your pantry too.

Make This Skillet Your Own with Some Inspiration

Cheesy Taco Cast Iron Skillet Plant Based Ingredients
Canned Items: Just as nutritious and hold well in the pantry. Use diced tomatoes, beans and dried spices to add extra flavor and protein. Maybe use fresh cherry tomatoes for that fresh made flavor!

Add Extra Veggies: Think about using frozen veggies, such as roasted corn, carrots or zucchini. Fresh greens are packed with nutrients. Raid the fridge for shredded carrots, bell peppers or salas as the topper. Maybe toss in some diced up beet greens, arugula, spinach or kale to add easy veggies into your meals. Kids will love it too as it’s topped with cheese!

Mix in Starchy Carbs: Fall seasonal squash, sweet potatoes and potatoes are great shredded or even diced into bite sized pieces. If you’re watching carbs then just add more non-starchy veggies from above.

Amp Up the Protein: This dish can be made with beans to keep plant-based or add your meat of choice. We love using ground beef but you can also use ground chicken and ground turkey for a leaner and less carby option!

Toppers: You can’t go wrong with nutritious, yet delicious toppers, such as cheddar cheese, mexican cheese blend, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, yogurt, salas, guacamole or anything else that calls to you!

Vegan and Dairy Free: Start by adding cashew cheese, almond milk greek yogurt or lentils and beans to add protein.

Taco Mixture too Thick?
If your taco mixture is too thick, can add 1/4 to 1/2 cup water, veggie stock or bone broth to thin it out after greek yogurt and corn is added. Depends on how thick you want your skillet and if you use frozen corn vs. fresh corn. It's great either way but it will thicken up once cheese is added too!

This skillet is basically a giant taco burrito bowl that can work with any diet and can be transformed anyways with your favorite protein and toppings!

Note: Where We Buy Our Meat? 

We enjoy our high quality grass fed and finished meat from Buy Ranch Direct that is a family ranch in California, which ships right to your door. The best part it's all flash frozen, so you take it from the freezer when needed!! Use code WELLNESS for 10% off your purchase too. 

Now, What Will You Be Adding into This Skillet!?


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